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Pernethics considers life as a supreme value. A too fast reading of it could be badly interpreted and conclude hastily that it is opposed to any kind of abortion. I would like to draw your attention to the following points:


Humans are free and responsible beings. The couple has a joint resonsibility to raise the child to be born. Sometimes husbands, companions or other parents flee their responsibility and leave the woman alone in the embarrassment. When there is rupture upstream, one should not be astonished if there is rupture downstream.


An abandoned woman cannot bear the responsibility of raising a child without any help. Institutions, unlike women, cannot give life and they have no sensitivity. Consequently they are not qualified to decide whether an abortion is needed or not; only the mother can. Institutions however can legitimately enact standards such as deadlines and they should try to provide some help to the women in difficulty to make the new life sustainable.
Their duty is to support the life in all its forms when the women are victims of a situation which they do not control any more.


In any event Institutions should never punish or threaten women who in their own right decide to stop their pregnancy because they alone face the consquences of their choice.


This standpoint shows the difference between a subjective individual ethics like the “freedom of conscience” available to any Human being and an institutional ethics with objective references.